Dedication & Resilience: 2020 is The Year of the Parent

Abbott Celebrates Working Parents

Abbott employee Pablo Aleandri, a sales manager in Argentina holds his young son while working.

2020 is the year of the working parent.  In many ways, the impact of COVID-19 forced parents into a new reality. Juggling children, working from home, trying to find childcare and ensuring e-learning has challenged families like never before.

And while a global pandemic has pushed working parents' challenges to new heights, something else has bubbled up.

Support. Parents are supporting each other. Communities are supporting parents.  Businesses are supporting parents. Companies have had to lean into flexibility in order to support parents more than ever before.

National Working Parent’s Day

This year, Abbott, makers of Similac, support working parents on this day because we know that the demands on them have been extraordinary, and still they’ve persevered and triumphed under very challenging environmental factors and nearly impossible everyday circumstances.

Similac created the Promises Project to develop supportive communities that share positivity and help parents stay connected, which is more important than ever. The program communicates common struggles parents take on daily – whether juggling childcare, working from home and homeschooling, or simply feeling judged for decisions we make as parents – the Promises Project reminds all parents to encourage and lift each other up.


Working Mother Magazine Honors

This year marks the 20th consecutive year that Abbott has been named to Working Mother magazine’s 100 Best Companies list.  We are proud that Abbott working mothers can find the flexibility they need to live their fullest lives at work and at home. 

In addition to this incredible milestone, Quality Assurance Complaint Supervisor Kat Pigman who works in Abbott’s Supply Chain organization for the nutrition division was recently named one of Working Mother magazine’s Working Mothers of the Year

Today, Sept. 16, help honor parents who are out there giving it their all under exceptionally trying times. Please take a moment, say thank you and acknowledge their dedication and perseverance.

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