Mary Weiler

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Mary Weiler is currently a senior scientist at Abbott supporting pediatric and maternal nutrition brands and product innovation.

After completing her BA from Colgate University, she worked as a research scientist at Cornell Medical Center in New York City and later at Northwestern University. Dr. Weiler completed her doctorate in biochemistry from The Ohio State University. She subsequently completed a clinical nutrition degree from the Human Nutrition department of The Ohio State University. After her clinicals, she joined Fairfield Medical Center as a clinical dietitian.

Dr. Weiler joined Abbott as an independent nutrition consultant advocating for public health change in collaboration with organizations that support elderly populations. Currently, Dr. Weiler supports the pediatric space and Pure Bliss by Similac, Similac Organic products for infants and toddlers, and the Go and Grow by Similac products for the U.S. market. She is also the nutrition science lead in the U.S. for maternal nutrition.

She has been a guest lecturer at The Ohio State University and volunteered for the Columbus Dietetic Association as the Board Chair Council on Professional Issues and Board President. Dr. Weiler’s research interests include protein chemistry, biochemistry, and pediatric and maternal nutrition.