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Photograph of Hakim Bouzamondo

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- Pediatric and Adult Nutrition Product Development, Innovation, Medical Education, Clinical and Preclinical Research - 


Hakim Bouzamondo, MD, MSc, MBA, is Divisional Vice President of Global Research and Development for Abbott’s Nutrition business. He is responsible for pediatric and adult nutrition, product development, clinical and preclinical research, innovation, and education. Hakim redefined the Division’s science research platforms, focusing on gut/immunity, brain/cognition, muscle/metabolism, and created a user experience team to better address rapidly evolving consumer needs.

Before joining Abbott, Hakim spent 15 years in the pharmaceutical and the consumer packaged goods industries. He contributed to the development and launch of new products in multiple therapeutic areas and led the life cycle management of major $1B+ cardiovascular brands.

Hakim joined Abbott in 2014 and has since driven the launch of multiple science breakthrough technologies, including human milk oligosaccharides and numerous market-driven innovations. He’s also leveraged science platform’s microbiome expertise and has been actively leading Abbott’s global malnutrition research program.

Hakim is a medical doctor by training. He received a MSc degree from Paris University where he also completed his pharmacology post-doctoral trainings (pharmacokinetics, pharmacovigilance, trials methodology and psychoactive drugs pharmacology). He also completed an executive MBA in the United Kingdom.