How to Build Your Best Plate To Support Immune Health

How To Build A Plate That Supports Immune Health

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The best foods to support immune health

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JUL. 22, 2020   1 MIN. READ

Remember, when you were told, “you are what you eat?” Even though you may think that is a silly saying, it rings true. Every bite, every choice, builds every ounce of our being. 

By choosing nutrient dense and functional foods to fill your plate, you can build your best self and support immune health.  Now is the time to choose for the better and give your body the tools it needs. Hint: The color of your plate plays a considerable role. 

Debunking Protein Myths for Better Nutrition

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A wooden cutting board topped with protein-rich foods including eggs, salmon, meat and chicken.


Key Takeaways

• Protein is an essential nutrient needed for nearly every function in the body.
• Your protein needs may increase with age, activity level and illness, and during weight loss.
• Eating high-quality protein at meals and snacks can help make sure you get the recommended amount.

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Is a High-Protein Diet Good for Weight Loss?

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Key Takeaways

• Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet.
• Getting adequate protein can help with muscle loss associated with intentional weight loss.
• High-quality, high-protein foods can help you meet your protein needs.

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Good nutrition helps support immune health

Key nutrients needed for immune health