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More than 40 years ago, Abbott developed Ensure, the first drinkable nutritional supplement for hospitalized patients. Ensure, a source of complete, balanced nutrition, changed the way patients were fed in the hospital and demonstrated the value of nutrition on patient recovery. 

Since that time, Ensure has become the #1 doctor recommended oral nutritional supplement in the United States and has expanded globally to be a top medical nutrition product. Ensure is for adults who want to maintain energy, strength and overall health as they age and for those who are ill and trying to recover.  Ensure contains all the essential nutrients for complete, balanced nutrition and can be used as a daily supplement or occasional meal replacement.

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Ensure comes in many flavors and in targeted nutrition to meet the health goals of adults:

  • Ensure® Original
  • Ensure Plus®
  • Ensure® High Protein
  • Ensure® Enlive®
  • Ensure® Light
  • Ensure® Clear
  • Ensure® Original Nutrition Powder
  • Ensure® Plus Advance (European Union)
  • Ensure® Advance with NutriVigor (Latin America)
  • Ensure® Compact (European Union & US)
  • Ensure Complete® (China & US)
  • Ensure® Surgery Immunonutrition Shake
  • Ensure® Pre-Surgery Clear Nutrition Drink