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10 Surprising Foods Dietitians Feed Their Kids

Healthy Foods for Kids
May 8 2017

The work week gets busy and getting dinner on the table quickly can be challenging when tummies are growling. Tiffany DeWitt, a mom of three and dietitian with Abbott, shares her go-to kids' favorites for quick, healthy snacks and meals.

1. Macaroni and Cheese

Yes! The secret is to choose the whole grain option. With 9 grams of protein per serving*, it will satisfy your kid’s hunger. Pair with veggies for a balanced meal.

2. Beans
Beans are an excellent source of both protein and fiber. Add beans to soups, stews, tacos or open a can and serve them as a snack.

3. Shrimp
Quick and easy to cook, shrimp offers protein, vitamin B12 and selenium, and brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids. Serve with a dip or mix into a pasta dish.

4. Smoothies
One way to give kids a boost of protein is to make a cool smoothie using 100% Whey EAS protein powder and add in fresh fruit like strawberries, milk and ice. Blend well.

5. Peppers
Crunchy, colorful and bursting with antioxidants, peppers are a great add to savory dishes or as a snack paired with hummus or a bean dip.

6. Popcorn

Popcorn has antioxidants, fiber and whole grains – making it a great snack. Give it a flavor kick with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese or cinnamon.

7. Turkey Hot Dogs
Turkey hot dogs are a good source of protein and have less saturated fat that regular hot dogs. 

8. Fruit Popsicles
Kids love their treats! Get the sweetness and fun without all the sugar by opting for a real fruit popsicle. Buy them or make your own at home.

9. Butter

Real butter is a good thing! Adding a pat of butter to steamed vegetables helps the body use and absorb vitamins.

10. Avocado
The healthy fats, fiber and vitamins in avocado keep kids going. Try spreading it on toast, crackers, and sandwiches.

*Kraft Whole Grain Macaroni and Cheese

Stock up on These Dietitian-Approved Kids Foods

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