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Producing the highest quality nutritional products is our priority. Abbott has a global manufacturing network of dedicated employees who put quality at the center of every decision we make.

Jul 28 2017

Millions of babies, children and adults rely on our products for the nutrition they need to live active, healthy lives. Whether you’re a parent nourishing a newborn or an older adult using nutritional products to stay strong, we know you’re looking for quality nutrition you can trust. 

“Quality and safety are at the heart of what we do,” says John Ginascol, head of Abbott’s nutrition supply chain. “Our commitment to science-based nutrition, high-quality ingredients and best practice food safety programs is what allows us to provide trusted nutrition products.”

With more than 125 years of experience, Abbott is focused on improving the health of people around the world. And Abbott’s nutrition business is built on that same foundation, using science to help people live their best and healthiest lives.

Global Manufacturing    

Around the world, employees at our 14 nutrition manufacturing sites know the work they do affects the health of you and your family – as well as their own loved ones. That’s why our process starts with sourcing high quality ingredients from reliable suppliers. We then trace the ingredients that are included in our products using the latest in manufacturing, packaging and distribution while also following rigorous quality standards. Throughout each step of the manufacturing process, we’re making sure we’re focused on the people who will be using our products. 

Good Nutrition is the Foundation of a Healthy Life

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to quality is reinforced through the care and passion our people put in each and every day. Whether it’s ensuring only high quality ingredients are used, making suggestions to improve a production process or reviewing a label one last time, you can be confident that our employees are working to do the right thing.  

Because in the end we’re focused on what matters most – you and your family. Our standards are high and our processes are rigorous because we’re constantly focused on earning your trust.


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