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From The Farm To Your Family

Abbott’s top quality expert talks about the farms, facilities and science behind products like Similac® and Ensure®.

Cows on a dairy farm
Jun 12 2017

Good nutrition is personal.

Especially when your loved ones count on trusted nutrition products to grow, thrive and get better.

And there’s no one that knows this better than Lori Randall, divisional vice president of Quality Assurance at Abbott. Not only does her own father use products like Ensure, but she talks to families every day who rely Similac and other products for quality nutrition. And that’s why she is committed to fostering a culture of quality from the farm to families across the globe.

Follow Randall in the video below as she goes behind the scenes. She visits a local dairy farm from which Abbott sources its milk, and then checks in with Abbott chemists who regularly test ingredients used in production and, finally, inspects finished product at Abbott’s newest Ohio facility as it’s bottled and packaged for families.  

Video: How Abbott Nutrition Products Are Made

Quality: Step-by-Step

When it comes to delivering trusted nutrition products to families every day, attention to detail is critical. Randall shares the steps that are in place throughout sourcing, production and quality processes to make sure products are made with the highest standards.

“Our products touch so many lives and help people live healthier,” says Randall. “That’s why quality is so important to us and in the fabric of everything we do.”


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