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Abbott Scientists Partner To Address Malnutrition 

Food insecurity impacts 800 million globally. Abbott scientists are delivering science-based nutrition solutions to help families get nourished.

Abbott's Dan Schmitz
Jun 11 2017

A healthy life starts with good nutrition. But for the 800 million people around the world who don’t have access to enough food – a healthy life is not a given.

At Abbott, we’re committed to helping people around the world get the nutrition they need to thrive and achieve good health. We do this through the development of science-based nutrition products for babies, kids and adults.

While our products help a lot of people, we also know that there are other ways that we can help the world deal with malnutrition. To extend the impact or our work, we partner with organizations that are driven to address malnutrition problems around the world. 

Partners In Health
One such partnership is with Partners In Health (PIH). Our experts helped build a factory for PIH in Haiti to locally produce Nourimanba, a high-calorie, high-protein, fortified peanut-based paste that treats thousands of malnourished children. And we trained staff to establish local capabilities and develop the skills of local workers so that they could continue to produce Nourimanba independently and sustainably. 

Haitian workers width=
The partnership empowers Haitians to create local, sustainable solutions to relieve severe malnutrition.

We also partnered with the international non-profit organization, PATH, to help improve its Ultra Rice fortification technology. It packs vitamins and minerals into rice-shaped grains made from rice flour that once blended and cooked with traditional rice has a similar aroma and taste. Our nutrition science experts helped develop enhanced formulations to improve nutrient quality and absorption, reducing costs by approximately 10 percent.

The Abbott Fund invested $1.5 million with PATH for India, to help support local capacity and distribution of Ultra Rice. It is now being distributed as part of a school lunch program for 450,000 children.

Changing Lives Through Nutrition
Dan Schmitz, regional head of Nutrition R&D and Scientific Affairs for the Americas and global head of Product Development at Abbott's nutrition business, recently shared updates on these partnerships at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Schmitz discussed how Abbott’s nutrition science is changing lives and how our teams are helping local communities become more self-sustaining as a result of the partnerships with Partners In Health and PATH.

Hear Schmitz’s take on how Abbott builds and sustains global partnerships to drive innovation in his fireside chat. 

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Fireside Chat with Dan Schmitz





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