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Is There A Formula For Preparing And Storing Formula?

Follow a few easy steps to keep formula preparation and storage safe and simple.

How to Prepare Baby Formula Safely
Nov 4 2016

When you have a new baby there is so much to take care of and worry about as you adjust to life with your new bundle of joy. One of the things you shouldn’t have to worry about is the safety of your baby formula. Whether you are formula feeding or supplementing your breast milk, there are a few suggested steps and precautions for using and storing powder formula to keep it safe for your baby.

Tiffany, from Abbott’s Consumer Relations team, talks to caregivers every day about using our formulas. In the following video, she shares answers to common questions and key steps caretakers should take before making bottles. She also discusses the best way to store formula to keep it fresh and safe.

How to Safely Prepare Baby Formula

To summarize, below are Tiffany's top tips for using powder formula.  

How to Prepare Powder Formula

To keep your formula clean, fresh and safe, follow these steps for storage. 

How to Store Powder Formula 


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