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Advancing Infant Nutrition To Give Babies A Strong Start

Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies. However, if it’s not available or chosen, parents can be reassured that scientific advances in infant formula are helping to support a strong start in life.

The milestones of infant formula
Aug 1 2018

From the moment they first feed their new bundle of joy, all parents want to make sure their baby is well nourished. And science and experts both agree that breast milk is the best nutrition for infants. In fact, the World Health Organization promotes exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months of life, where possible, and continued breastfeeding up to and beyond two years of age.  But, if moms cannot or choose not to feed their baby breast milk, then they should have the best and safest alternative possible – infant formula.

For nearly a century, researchers and scientists have made this their goal as they work to improve the nutrition and benefits of infant formulas available to parents. These experts study the thousands of individual components that make breast milk so special — and each discovery helps them make formula safer and more beneficial for growing and developing babies.

Leading Discoveries in Infant Formula

Abbott has been at the forefront of this discovery with its Similac infant formulas. Similac was introduced in 1925 in the United States and today has a team of more than 650 scientists, dietitians and specialists dedicated to advancing the science around infant nutrition and supporting parents and healthcare professionals with programs and resources to nourish babies and children around the world.

From specialized nutritionals for neonatal intensive care units, to recent breakthroughs with 2’-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharide* (HMO) –an immune-nourishing prebiotic, to research that has led to the addition of important eye, immune and brain supporting nutrients and the development of formulas for specialized dietary needs, the advances have been numerous.

Abbott supports all parents in their nutrition journey with their baby and believe it’s important for them choose the best feeding options for their babies and themselves. By providing science-based nutrition and resources, we’re supporting parents in their goal of giving their babies a healthy start. Here’s a look at the milestones Abbott has made in infant nutrition over the last century.

Similac® Research and Development Milestones



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