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Muscle Health: 5 Things You Need To Know 

Jun 13 2016

Having muscle is more than just strength and how you look on the outside.

Muscles play a role in your body’s movement, balance and posture, as well as your metabolism and even facial structure.Your muscles are a critical source for strength and energy as you recover. When you’re sick or hospitalized, your body doesn’t get enough of the nutrients it needs to recover, which causes it to break down muscle tissue. This kind of muscle loss is associated with delayed recovery from illness, slowed wound healing and a poorer quality of life.

Additionally, up to 50 percent of older adults have an advanced form of muscle loss, which can impact their overall health and recovery.

While maintaining your muscles can be more challenging as you get older, science has shown that we can all be strong no matter what age. 

Here are five surprising things to keep in mind about your muscles in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

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