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How Abbott Ensures Global Food Safety And Quality

An Abbott expert shares what it takes to deliver safe, quality nutrition products around the globe.

Ensure on the line at an Abbott facility
Aug 9 2018

No matter where you are in the world, when you choose an Abbott nutrition product you expect to enjoy the same high quality you would at home.

But what does it take to ensure that whether you are in Chicago or Shanghai, you get the same trusted product every time? The simple answer is: it takes a lot.

Leading that effort is Lori Randall, divisional vice president of Quality Assurance at Abbott who shares with Quality Assurance magazine how it all comes together across continents, countries and supply chains.

"We pride ourselves on food safety from the farm to family," says Randall. "At the heart of our commitment is our people. Making sure every team member understands how his or her role contributes to safety and quality and ultimately, the health of families everywhere."

Global Manufacturing Network

With trusted products like Similac®, Ensure® and Glucerna®, Abbott serves families in more than 100 countries through 14 manufacturing facilities, all with varying country and consumer requirements. While managing a network this large is a challenge, team members focus on rigorous processes and standardizing systems to drive industry-leading results. They also proactively maintain a culture committed to food safety to deliver quality nutrition products.

Consistency Around the Globe

To execute consistent standards across our global sites, Abbott operates through an approach that is both centralized and regionalized. Our centralized standards are consistently applied and cascaded through the organization, but are tuned to be region-specific, so that we're nimble and efficient. This ensures that products from the shelves in the Americas are the same high quality as products in Asia.

Only the Best Suppliers and Ingredients

Abbott carefully screens suppliers and ingredient sources, performs numerous quality tests throughout production and invests in research and development to continually improve products and offerings. Abbott products exceed the most stringent quality standards. Our manufacturing facilities also are certified by many best-in-class external food safety agencies such as SQF (Safety Quality Food), FSSC 22000 and for China, HACCP Certification.

Read Randall's full article in Quality Assurance magazine linked here.


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