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Abbott Fund Nutrition Programs
Mar 9 2017

Around the world, two billion people are impacted by malnutrition. Many are children whose health, growth and development are affected by a lack of proper nutrition.

To address global issues like these and help families thrive, the Abbott Fund Institute of Nutrition Science (AFINS) was launched. AFINS is a unique program aimed at advancing clinical nutrition within hospitals through training and health education, research and nutritional patient care.

The AFINS program launched at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center in Shanghai and has expanded to Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi. The initiative is just one part of the Abbott Fund’s broader outreach efforts to strengthen nutritional science, testing and practices in developing nations.

Examples of our work:

  • In China, the Abbott Fund established AFINS in partnership with Project HOPE and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. The program is designed to provide a regional model for best practices in hospital-based pediatric nutrition.

  • In Cambodia, there are high rates of childhood malnutrition and maternal mortality. To help improve conditions, the Abbott Fund forged a partnership with Direct Relief to support nutrition education and related programs at Angkor Hospital for Children, a teaching hospital in Siem Reap.  

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  • In Haiti, we joined forces with Partners-In-Health to empower communities to create local, sustainable solutions that improve nutrition and provide economic opportunity. Together, we developed Nourimanba, a highly nutritious, peanut-based therapeutic food to treat severe childhood malnutrition. Along with a new production facility, local Haitians are able to sustain the production of this critical food product.
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