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Abbott Facility Named 2017 Plant Of The Year

Food Engineering magazine honors Tipp City for its innovations and drive to make quality nutrition products.

Abbott Tipp City, Ohio Plant
Jun 9 2017

At Abbott, quality is the forefront of everything we do. It’s what drives every step of our manufacturing process and is backed by the latest advances in nutrition, cutting-edge technology, and strict manufacturing and quality standards.

And others are taking note, with Abbott’s nutrition facility in Tipp City, Ohio, winning the coveted Food Engineering Plant of the Year Award.

The Tipp City facility is just one of Abbott’s 14 nutrition plants around the world – all of which follow strict processes to produce our innovative, high-quality nutrition products. As one of Abbott’s newest facilities, Tipp City is responsible for manufacturing nutrition products for kids and adults in the U.S. and Canada. With its state-of-the-art equipment and advanced automation, the facility is able to meet the growing demand for products that help people live healthy, active lives.

“We know people at every stage of life rely on our products to live their best and healthiest lives, so we’re using the latest technology and highest standards to make our innovative, science-based products,” says Angela Doerr, site director for the Tipp City plant. “We’re proud to be awarded this honor because it demonstrates our commitment to making high quality products for the people who rely on them.”

In the latest issue of Food Engineering Magazine, Doerr and her fellow Tipp City team members explain how innovation, strategic building design, advanced technology and a culture of continuous improvement help Abbott’s Tipp City plant make quality nutritional products people can trust.

Read more about Tipp City’s award in the latest issue of the magazine link here. 

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