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Steve Hertzler, EAS Chief Scientific Officer, Abbott

Areas of Expertise: sports nutrition, recovery, diet trends, supplements, hydration, muscle building, and meal planning.


Steve Hertzler is the chief scientific officer for Abbott’s EAS Sports Nutrition business and the EAS Academy, an expert advisory council dedicated to advancing sports nutrition science and education. With 25 years of experience as a sports dietitian, researcher, professor and bodybuilder, Steve drives the development of new EAS products by advising on key nutrients that maximize athletic performance.

Steve is the author of multiple chapters on nutrition and has published 20 peer-reviewed scientific research articles. He is a frequent speaker for IDEA, NSCA, and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, addressing muscle building, diet and training, and key nutrients including creatine, HMB, beta-alanine and caffeine.

Putting his work to the test, Steve is a competitive bodybuilder. He won the Masters division at the 2014 NGA Cap City Classic Bodybuilding and Physique Championship in Columbus.

Prior to joining Abbott in 2007, Steve was a faculty member at The Ohio State University in the division of medical dietetics and the department of human nutrition.

Steve earned his PhD in Human Nutrition from the University of Minnesota and his Bachelor of Science in Community-Medical Dietetics at Viterbo College.

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