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Kelly Strausbaugh, registered nurse and research scientist, Abbott

Areas of Expertise: nursing, adult malnutrition, tube feeding, patient care, nutrition research.


Kelly Strausbaugh is a registered nurse and research scientist on Abbott’s Research and Development team. She provides global medical, clinical and scientific support to adult medical nutrition therapies.

With a focus on acute care nutrition and tube feeding, Kelly helps develop nutritional therapies for patients hospitalized or in long-term care facilities. She provides tube feeding education and scientific and technical assistance to help healthcare professionals better care for patients.

Throughout her time at Abbott, she has been involved in various aspects of the business including medical affairs, pharmaceuticals, enteral devices, clinical research and nutrition science education. Prior to joining Abbott, Kelly spent more than 15 years working in various clinical nursing positions at a large healthcare system in Columbus, Ohio. Her nursing experience includes med-surg, endoscopy, clinical research and research management.

Kelly’s education includes a degree in Nursing from Mount Carmel School of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio; a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio; and a Master of Science in Marketing and Communications from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.