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Christine Steele, Research and Development, Abbott

Areas of Expertise: general nutrition, nutrition science, sports nutrition, maternal nutrition, hospitalization & recovery nutrition.


As the director of Nutrition Science and Education, Christine Steele leads scientific research and education for Abbott’s adult and pediatric nutrition products. An expert in food science, sports medicine and medical nutrition, she helps develop products that support healthy growth and aging and the management of chronic health conditions including diabetes, malnutrition and more.

Christine joined Abbott in 2004 and has led teams of scientists responsible for developing new products, conducting nutrition research and delivering education globally. She has directed 75 clinical nutrition trials and has authored many publications including a peer-reviewed article on the importance of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Christine is active in the Institute of Food Technologists and continues her work in sports medicine as a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a health and fitness instructor through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American College of Sports Medicine, respectively. 

Christine earned her PhD in Nutrition from Cornell University, Division of Nutritional Sciences and a Master of Science in Food Science also from Cornell University. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Food Science from Purdue University and completed her dietetic coursework from the University of Northern Colorado. Christine has completed an International Food Law Certificate from the Michigan State University, and she continues to develop her knowledge and professional skills through her current pursuit of a MBA from The Ohio State University.